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Alshor Plus - aluminium shoring

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Latest generation shoring


  • Alshor Plus is made from Aluminium and therefore site workers find it easier to handle
  • It's productivity is very high in comparison to other shoring systems
  • Alshor Plus provides shorter construction times and thereby a greater reduction in labour costs
  • Safety is one of Alshor Plus' design criteria
  • Its quick release Jack immediately takes the load off for much quicker disassembly
  • Alshor Plus' unique blade and socket connection system enables Ledger Frames and accessories to be located onto legs much quicker than other shoring systems
  • Alshor Plus has a safe and convenient captive deck system

Alshor Plus is the latest generation aluminium shoring system. Its enhanced on-site productivity provides shorter construction times and thereby greater reductions in labour costs. It is also an extremely safe and versatile system making it an ideal match for all the new requirements expected at construction sites these days.

As a result of Alshor Plus being fabricated from Aluminium it is light in weight and thereby easier to assemble and disassemble than traditional shoring systems.

One of its superior design features is the unique blade and socket connection system, which enables Ledger Frames and other Alshor Plus accessories to be located onto Alshor Plus legs much quicker than other shoring systems.

The key benefits of the Alshor Plus system are:

  • Alshor Plus now has a captive deck system that provides a safe and convenient work platform for site workers, used in bays of 1,800 and 2,400mm
  • The increased leg load capacity of Alshor Plus (up to 120kN) reduces the need for additional support equipment for most loading conditions, dramatically reducing erection and strike times.
  • The high leg-load capacity also provides an increased propping range providing greater versatility in both high and low support levels.
  • The increased extension range of the Alshor Plus jacks make it quick and easy to obtain the exact soffit height and their unique quick strike facility provides quick release of the load for easy disassembly.
  • The Alshor Plus jacks' distinctive domed baseplate eliminates the need for additional components to cater for uneven or sloping ground.
  • Alshor Plus was designed to minimise the number of loose parts to dramatically improve assembly and disassembly speed.
  • Enhanced load capacity is available when Alshor Plus is used as a back prop, either as a stand-alone prop or as an assembly with multiple ledger frames in height

The increased performance of Alshor Plus will allow even greater support for shoring and formwork applications, including:

  • Static slab support
  • Towers and high reach birdcage assemblies
  • Mobile tables
  • Flying tables
  • Props and back propping

The Alshor Plus system has significant benefits in comparison to traditional shoring systems, and it has the backing of RMD's extensive worldwide resources.



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  • Alshor Plus - Patriarch Drive Warehouse, Hobart
  • Alshor Plus - Raine Square Development, Perth
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  • Alshor Plus - Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne


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